The Fire Triangle – A metaphor for leadership

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Long-term success through a Sustainable Leadership Growth Mindset

In today's fast-paced world, effective leadership requires more than basic skills. It involves a comprehensive...

Leadership and Fire: Igniting Sustainable Growth Through Elemental Metaphors

The natural phenomenon of fire is a powerful metaphor for leadership. Just as fire requires three elements to ignite...


Welcome to the Sustainable Leadership Growth Mindset (SLGM), where leadership meets sustainability. At SLGM, we believe that the future of our planet and effective leadership are intricately linked.

SLGM, our leadership coaching, training, and development consultancy, focuses on preparing leaders for today and tomorrow. We understand that for a sustainable future, we need leaders who embrace growth mindsets, seek out necessary changes, and have the courage to implement them promptly. Leaders like you are ready to drive major changes, come up with new solutions to tough challenges, and put these solutions into action quickly.

Our mission is to bring about positive changes that help both people and the environment. We empower leaders with the tools and knowledge they need to grow personally and promote sustainability in their communities. We train and develop thought leaders in sustainable change, leadership development, and growth mindsets. We help professionals, executives, educators, and learners focus on long-term impacts rather than short-term gains, turning sophisticated research into practical steps for daily life.

Developing effective leadership skills is a long journey that requires steady effort. It takes patience and determination to make real changes and fully understand new leadership insights. This process is key for personal growth and making a significant impact in your field.

Our values guide everything we do: we are visionary, courageous, joyful, committed, open minded and deeply focused.

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Ignite Your Inspiration Journal” by Margaret van Steenderen is a 12-week guide designed to fuel your goals, spark your motivation and breathe life into lasting habits. Using the fire triangle – Heat (Motivation), Fuel (Goals) and Oxygen (Support and Environment) – as a frame- work, this journal provides a clear and flexible path for personal growth.

Each week focuses on a key aspect of this journey, offering insightful prompts, reflective exercises, and inspiring outdoor activities to keep you engaged and motivated. You’ll explore techniques like the WOOP method for achieving goals and the concept of Ikigai to discover your reason for being. You’ll learn to overcome obstacles, reflect on your pro– gress and keep your motivation strong.

Start this journey and let your inner fire guide you to new levels of fulfilment and success.

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