At SLGM, our Leadership Development Program is designed to help leaders grow continuously, make ethical decisions, and achieve long-term success. This program combines sustainable practices, leadership development, and a growth mindset to create strong and adaptable leaders. Designed for leadership groups within a company, the program covers the key elements of the SLGM framework, focusing on sustainable, leadership, and growth mindsets, and integrates these concepts into a unified leadership approach.


SLGM Framework Our program is based on the Sustainable Leadership Growth Mindset (SLGM) framework. This combines sustainability, leadership, and growth principles to develop well-rounded and effective leaders. The SLGM framework ensures leaders can positively and lastingly impact their organizations and communities.

Sustainable Mindset A sustainable mindset means making decisions that benefit both your organization and society in the long term. Leaders learn to balance work and life, manage resources efficiently, and make ethical choices. This mindset helps leaders plan for future success and avoid short-term fixes, ensuring lasting growth and resilience.

Leadership Mindset Developing a leadership mindset involves self-reflection, a positive approach to challenges, and setting clear goals. Leaders build strong, trusting relationships with their team members and improve their emotional intelligence. This mindset emphasizes being open to new ideas and continually learning, helping leaders adapt and grow.

Growth Mindset A growth mindset encourages leaders to take on challenges, persist through setbacks, and value hard work. Leaders see effort as a path to mastery and use feedback to improve. This mindset fosters resilience and a culture of continuous improvement, driving innovation and long-term success.

Integration of Concepts The program brings these three mindsets together into a unified leadership approach. Participants learn to combine sustainable practices, effective leadership strategies, and growth-oriented thinking. This ensures leaders can handle the complexities of modern leadership and achieve sustained success.


  • Experienced Coach: Learn from a seasoned leadership coach with extensive experience.
  • Interactive Sessions: Engage in lively discussions and practical exercises.
  • Actionable Strategies: Develop practical skills and strategies to enhance your leadership abilities.


  • Aspiring Leaders: Individuals looking to develop their leadership potential.
  • Current Leaders: Managers and team leaders seeking to refine their skills.
  • Project Managers: Professionals who lead teams without direct authority.
  • Anyone Interested in Leadership: Those passionate about personal and professional growth.

Minimum Company Participants: 5 Maximum Company Participants: 10


The SLGM Leadership Development Program lasts 6 weeks. Participants start with a 1.5-day intensive workshop, either onsite or offsite. The remaining sessions are half-day virtual workshops. This hybrid approach ensures flexibility and convenience while maintaining the program’s effectiveness.


Ready to transform your leadership? Contact us to discuss your needs and learn more about our program. Let SLGM help you ignite your success and achieve your leadership goals.

Join Margaret in this transformative program and take the next step in your leadership journey today!

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