Leadership Ignite is a dynamic and interactive leadership development program co-presented by Margaret and Deryck. This unique program draws parallels between the Triangle of Fire and the Triangle of Leadership, providing a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

  • Fire Lighting Techniques: Deryck demonstrates around 5 different methods to light fires, explaining the elements that contribute to a fire’s success or failure. Participants learn what makes a fire burn well, what causes it to fail, and how to keep it from smoldering or burning out. This metaphor is used to illustrate key leadership principles.
  • Leadership Principles: Margaret focuses on translating the lessons from fire lighting into actionable leadership skills. She discusses how the principles of creating and sustaining a fire can be applied to ignite and maintain effective leadership within a team or organization.



  • Interactive Sessions: Co-presented by Margaret and Deryck, these workshops combine practical fire lighting demonstrations with leadership insights.
  • Objective: Equip leaders with a deeper understanding of the essential elements of leadership through the engaging metaphor of fire lighting.
  • Schedule: Conducted over one day, on site, followed by online weekly group coaching.


Reinforcement: Participants engage in exercises between workshops to reinforce learning and apply new skills in their work environment.


  • Individual Coaching: Focused on setting and achieving specific leadership goals.
  • Objective: Ignite each leader’s potential and align their personal growth with team and organizational goals.


  • Frequency: 60-minute sessions once a week (virtual).
  • Content: Collaborative problem-solving, peer support, and skill enhancement.
  • Objective: Foster team cohesion and continuous learning within a supportive group setting.


High Interest: There is a significant demand for unique, experiential learning methods in the corporate sector. This program’s innovative approach to leadership development through practical, real-world applications ensures its attractiveness to organizations aiming for impactful leadership growth.

By combining Deryck’s expertise in wilderness survival that he relates back to leadership challenges, with Margaret’s leadership insights, Leadership Ignite offers a holistic and engaging approach to developing effective leaders.

Ignite your leadership potential today. Contact us to learn more about Leadership Ignite and how it can transform your team’s performance.

Campfire at the edge of a tranquil lake at sunset.

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